I am a pen and ink designer, and very much enjoy drawing out designs by hand.
Here are a few examples of the type of design you will receive.

A Village Garden Near the Sea
The clients were a young professional couple who wanted a garden with impact within which to entertain.

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Planting Plan for the above village garden
Structure and interest were required year round.

A Family Home with a Fitness Studio

The architect client requested strong structure to the garden with some privacy from clients using the fitness studio.

A City Garden
This advertising agency requested a smart area within which to entertain clients and staff.

A Large Dorset Cottage Garden
These clients were keen gardeners who requested many elements to be included in the design such as a vegetable garden, an ornamental pond and a summerhouse.

A Roof Garden

This space was to be shared between between several flats, so both private and communal areas were desirable.

A Shared Garden at a Residential Retreat
It was essential that this garden had good wheelchair access, provided opportunities for the residents to grow and harvest their own food and attracted wildlife

A Country Garden with Views
The client felt that her house looked very stark and exposed.  She requested 'rooms' and intimacy whilst not losing the views.

Planting Plan for the above Large Country Garden
Scent, colour and wind resistance were essential!


Laura Mason Garden Design
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Dorchester, Dorset DT2 7EG

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